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In Partnership with

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Bobasearch - Vehicle Search

BETA v0.3

Noticed a car on the road that you want to find out more information about?

At Bobatoo we’ve teamed up with to bring you a search tool that allows you to look up UK vehicles in seconds using a wide range of filters such as make, model, colour and many more. Data is aggregated from a range of government and automotive industry providers hourly, so we can keep our information as up to date as possible.

Using 'Bobasearch' you can quickly find out those all important details to take your next step, whether it's reporting an accident where the driver did not stop or something as simple as wanting to know a make and model of a car you like based on the registration plate. It's completely free and simple to use!

Why not try it out for yourself and see what interesting information you can find.

How to use Bobasearch

All fields are optional, however, enter as much information about the vehicle as possible - even partial information to get a more precise result

We search our database of 10s of millions of UK vehicles and list your results

Find the vehicle in question or narrow your search further by adding more information

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